Market Niche -How to Gain the Customer Trust.

The world has been filled with random items kept for sale, ten years ago people barely get what they are finding but right now people get what they want from anywhere because it is easily accessible from marketplaces existing. You might ask yourself these questions below:

What kind of product or services should i sell ?

How many people are already selling the same product or service ?

What are the chances of customers patronizing me ,since others are already selling ?

You are asking yourself these questions because you feel they are less chances for you to sell ,since your product or services are already existing somewhere. If you feel this way then this article will tell you how to get your customers and also make them active.

Customer psychology

Customers are what make your business successful, if there is no customers then there is no business, before making a move on planning what to sell- lets talk about what really attracts a customer to buy a product or service.

Assuming you want to buy an iPhone X , you might ask your self these questions

Where can i find a good iPhone x ?

Where can i get an iPhone x with return policy ?

Which market should i buy from ?

These questions were asked because you don’t want to buy a fake product, now choose where you would like to buy the iPhone x

A. A store that sells only iPhones

B. A store that sells iPhone and other products

You choose A because A has a market Niche of Selling IPhones only, and that is what this article is all about.

This article will help you identify your market niche.

And how customers can find you using hour niche.

What is a Niche ?

A niche is your phase in the market, your specialty, what you are known for, and what makes you unique.

Customers always find product or services from businesses that are specialized in their choice of interest .

Now you see the importance of having a niche in your business.

How can i identify my niche ?

1. Think of what you love doing most in your area of business.

2. Categorize your business with a single word.

3. Determine your specialty

5. Find what’s unique about your business or create what’s unique.

How can customers find me with my niche ?

One mistake businesses do is marketing their brand instead of their niche.

Customers know where to get what ever they want ,but they need to select from business which they can trust, and trust only comes when their is uniqueness in your area of business.

Advertise your niche instead of your brand.

When your niche is discovered, then the right customers will come and they will stay active because your niche has given them what they actually searched for.



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